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Ingredients Huang – French black truffle

Written by under Life Style, News on February 21, 2012

January to February each year, there is the same delicious ingredients, harvested must be agile, because the viewer is not aware, it will be desperate sows eat! This need in the pigs mouth wins food ingredients that the French black truffle!

French black truffle

And foie gras, caviar, and called the three kings in French, in the early 20th century French novelist Colette’s pen, it has been described as “poverty gem on the land. A to the truffle season, no truffle dishes coming out of France’s top restaurants will immediately be all diners despise. As for formal banquets, at least to have a truffle-based dishes, otherwise it will be as rude behavior, the status of the French black truffle is evident. However, perhaps the reader may ask, truffle but China’s Yunnan production, the price close to the people much, it’s not necessary to spend to eat French goods at high prices?

Perigord goods: black truffle Huang

French black truffle appearance, the sense of a unique non-musk like honey honey like musk fragrance will linger in space curl lingers, much more intense than the local black truffle aroma, like the little paw in a light- scratching your heart tell you to itch, and can not wait a whole pieces to swallow.

However, if you are exposed to such a look, G Restaurant Chef of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Alexandria is certainly feeling the pressure, because the restaurant’s black truffle from Perigord region of France of genuine good goods, the aroma is compelling. Just planing a special black pine exposed a few slices sprinkled on the dish surface, or chopped to sprinkle soup, it is sufficient aroma.

To know, although the types of truffles up to 30 kinds, but only two can be called real quality truffles, Tuber melanosporum, the other is Tuber brumale again Tuber melanosporum for the best. we are talking about Lu Pei Lige Gilson.

In France, truffle producing areas of Provence, production accounts for 80 percent of France. Old French gourmand or respected the Peili Ge Gilson gel limestone units of the region over the floor covered with the Shorthair oak and green oak, is an excellent truffle habitat in the late 19th century to replace the status of Provence here is the black truffle has become a synonym of the finest black truffles.

360 degree sensory

360 degrees senses – experience truffle Masachika

The black truffle of the growth cycle for only one year, black truffle the size and age there is no relationship. May each year, the mycelium will become a large carry out sexual reproduction, grow into truffles. August during the rainy season will begin rapid growth, wait until the cold wind blows, truffles begin to mature and stop growing black, the release of a unique flavor. The most delicious season is undoubtedly the following year in January.

The truffle is a very delicate bacteria, According to Chef Alexander, in order to save it, it must be the origin of the soil wrapped before eating in order to use thin cotton surface soil light wipe , with a small brush with slow running water to wash. Do not believe the truffle kept on the rice, so that its aroma rice all absorbed!

Black truffle aroma overbearing

To know a French black truffle is good, the nose can tell you, the sense of penetrating strong ecstasy flavor can not hide is maintained, this has been dubbed the fragrant atmosphere of the passions of men, separated very far are can smell, as long as you have heard of, will certainly remember. You can also hand-squeezed its body, the feel is a good hard stuff, like our selection of carrots. Do not worry, you can also take the knife it cut in half, look at its cross-section lines, the texture is more dense and clear, the more Shanghao stuff.

As the truffle aroma prominent, with the ingredients and it will select those who allow it to dominate, such as beef, fish and foie gras. Like the strong taste of lamb such ingredients are not suitable.

Truffle aroma overbearing, but it is not high temperature, a heating easily aroma disappears, and will lose the crunchy taste. Therefore, the chef will serve the first moment, and only then truffles into hot dishes on, in order to retain its unique aroma. Grand Hyatt G Restaurant The introduction of 14 black truffle dishes, more than half are directly to the black truffle shavings sprinkled the dish surface up, to maintain in order to maximize the unique aroma of the truffle. If you do not know how to choose, you can also point 600 yuan a truffle packages, scratch plate, soup, main course, the staple food to desserts are complete.

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