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Kadeya Ballon Bleu double time double jump needle tuo flywheel wrist watch

Written by under Watch on February 20, 2013

Ballon Bleu DE Cartier double time double jump needle tuo flywheel wrist watch modelling is like a pieces of adjusting device, – chiseled Geneva quality mark special works show the subtle complex balance beauty, the design of the fully to watch lovers to feast on its type, operation and mechanical structure with delicate details.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Ballon Bleu DE Cartier double time double jump needle tuo flywheel wrist watch equipped with the minute hand and two jump small panel, which shows the local time and place of departure time, can travel gauge field work innovation. Eternal “golden ratio” rule stressed: beauty must be from the overall proportion of harmony. Ballon Bleude Cartier double time double jump needle tuo flywheel wrist watch through the baht quantity “the clever design of the degree, in the overall harmony create conflict, further highlights the modelling of symmetry and proportion of perfect. Its purpose is to determine the visual focus in advance of several parts, such as jump small dial, thus more intuitively read two small panel shows time information, this is also this commemorative wrist watch design purpose.


In the read by two pieces of independent operation of the blue clockwise the indicated time, but the hour meter’s majestic atmosphere is beyond praise. Inspiration comes from pocket watch, its exquisite shape design as if with a magic, let a person do not consciously ignore 46 mm case diameter, turn attention to perfect joint wrist watch case curve. Ballon Bleu deCartier double time double jump needle tuo flywheel wrist watch collocation crocodile leather strap, rose K gold and white K gold in the world of limited sale fifty pieces, enough to make love rare masterpiece, travel around the world and precision mechanical watch lovers go unceasingly.


Symmetrical modelling achievement balance beauty


The Ballon Bleu DE Cartier double time double jump needle tuo flywheel wrist watch in the palm, and observe the pros and cons, a true three-dimensional “dynamic sculpture” will present eyes. Chiseled Geneva quality mark movement perfect balance, is an engineer and watchmakers close cooperation in the crystal. This medal kadeya workshop refined manual chain mechanical movement (9456 MC) by floating tuo flywheel control, its design inspiration comes from the brand kadeya initials “C” shape, and to and double time jump device connected, tuo flywheel framework increased slightly.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier

The movement has individually numbered and carefully elegant symmetrical structure. Through crafted the hollow dial, you can appreciate the subtle hopping mechanism, the mechanism by which the two separately adjustable jump-hour time information fully synchronized instructions. A pointer to adjust the crown on the list by the side of the case, and the tip of the blue steel hands on a large dial with Roman numerals indicate the departure time. While the second gold clockwise adjust buttons embedded in the case ten o’clock position indicating the home time.

Minimalist appearance stems from the complexity of the internal

This the modular complex device originality, not only extremely practical esthete favorite long-distance travel, more rare charming temperament. Precision machinery enthusiasts can Loudiao dial to spend a whole few hours to observe the slow movement of internal leverage and in the last hour hand jumps. Within 60 minutes, the movement of these levers is almost imperceptible, and therefore the energy required is minimal, so as not to affect the accuracy of the tuning mechanism.

Admittedly, a precision mechanical device and ultimately, some of the magic of. In this section in the original works, the magic of magic that short crisp clicking sound in the twinkling of an eye when the end of an hour, enough to make precision machinery enthusiasts ecstatic. In fact, each of the two lever connected with a spiral spring, once run to the end of it themselves loosen. Under the action of the spring, the two levers can be an instant return to the starting position, up and running again. In this running process, the the scalable pawl lever can be stuck to the lever associated with the 12-toothed star an engagement of the gear teeth. Fingertips, the movement of the two levers they can make two gear while rotating twelfths of a circle, and the operation of the gear driven two-clockwise point in each small dial under a time scale a display local time, and the other a departure time.

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