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A. Lange & Söhne

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Watch the award-winning Swiss Athens behind the scientific spirit

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Watch the award-winning Swiss Athens behind the scientific spirit

Written by under Creative Fashion on April 27, 2012

Simple design, has advertised the minute hand, there is no surface and the crown, through the movement of the operation to display the time, Freak Fantasy Tourbillon show Athens unparalleled scientific knowledge and advanced watchmaking technology. Freak Fantasy Tourbillon with Genghis Khan hammer the table, the GMT ± Perpetual Calendar and Sonata ringing table, was awarded the international creative and craft award-winning, shocked the entire Swiss watch altar and around the world.

Creative FashioCreative Fashio

2010, Freak Fantasy Tourbillon once again to surprise launch of the extraordinary Freak Fantasy Dark Lord Tourbillon, display the perfect use of Athens, new technologies such as photolithography; selection of the latest development in the watch core part of the highest quality materials: such as silicon and LIGA (profound electrical mold making technology) Nickel; to enhance the energy and accuracy of their own R & D Caruso tourbillon; and purchase a flying tourbillon seconds.

Creative Fashio

That same year, to celebrate the 75th birthday of Mr. Shi Naide, Athens made ​​especially for a limit of 75 FREAK, Rolf watch as souvenir.

In April 2011, Mr. Schneider passed away suddenly. Board of Directors and executive management team will continue to be guided by the vision of Mr. Schneider, to maintain the company’s independent development and management unchanged. Cai Aihua·Miss Shi Naide by the Board of Directors elected new Chairman of the Board of Directors, she has the English Queen’s University Belfast, Manufacturing Engineering Master of Science degree. Patrick·Mr. Hoffman was appointed as Chief Executive Officer, through the main part of his career in the watch industry in the past twenty years, Ulysse Nardin successful development in North America and Central America, Hove Mr. Mann played an important role.

With unwavering faith, Ulysse Nardin has maintained a leading position, and stepped forward to create a development path contains the areas of leadership, exquisite watchmaker, and focused on mechanical watch making art, draw brand. Athens is the first use of the brand of new material; to establish general relations of cooperation, a joint venture with the Sigatec micro-components and Diamaze Micro Technologies, diamond production company; in turn advanced tabulation technology into the innovative design of the watch. In form and function, the Ulysse Nardin breakthrough. Nevertheless, Athens continued to pursue more information, creativity and beauty, this is due to the Athens raised the enthusiasm of the watch-making, creativity and R & D power.


2011, Ulysse Nardin launched the new UN-118 movement, once again expanding its roster of breakthrough invention, marking the use of new technology to produce watches and production of diamonds covering milestones of the movement of parts. The entire automatic winding movement by the Athens-made research and development, UN-118 movement escapement to DiamonSil the material, the major alliance of silicon and diamond.UN-118 movement is the first member of the Athens-made R & D movement series, patents oscillator, the selection DiamonSil escapement, with Athens as well as 1.1.1 gossamer.

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