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A. Lange & Söhne

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Watch the award-winning Swiss Athens behind the scientific spirit

Watch the award-winning ...

As early as 165 years ago, the brand founder, Ulysse Nardin Ulysse Nardin has been in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains Neuchatel produced Observatory clock....


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Watch the award-winning Swiss Athens behind the scientific spirit

Written by under Creative Fashion on April 27, 2012

As early as 165 years ago, the brand founder, Ulysse Nardin Ulysse Nardin has been in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains Neuchatel produced Observatory clock. Ulysse Nardin in the tabulation process gradually provided to verify the challenge to lead the opportunity to adhere to the relentless depth study of winning law. It is the courage to explore the spirit of the Athens table can be developed to an unprecedented watch. Lane, science, innovation and imagination, ability to give creative inspiration of Athens; advanced technology combined with the master of the craft into order to refers to the network beacon.

Creative Fashio

Rove·Schneider and Dr. Ou Kelin each Ulysse Nardin to reflect and nurture this philosophy, and life-giving. Two extraordinary talents is the same foresight, is a pioneer of the altar table, Athens table backstage.

Unlike other Swiss watch brand, in 1983, Mr. Schneider acquired a clock factory in Athens, and got creative watchmaking experts Dr. Ou Kelin development and design of the watch. Dr. Ou Kelin had to repair the Vatican City Museum Farnese bell, and after he made ​​an astrolabe clock, wall clock is the disk of the star is attracted to Mr. Schneider. So he commissioned the Ouke Lin Dr. astrolabe bell made ​​into a watch, the results create a total trilogy first astrolabe watch ─ ─ Galileo satellite dish watch, and have been successfully included in the Guinness Book of world record, but also led the Athens table heavy Teng complex menu leading brand hall. Mr. Schneider was under his governance, to the Galileo satellite dish watch as the first milestone of the company, Athens brand can be taken to the superior level of originality, creativity and quality of the three to . Proved that his vision is correct.

Creative Fashio

Mr. Schneider and his Athens dream team, including Dr Eau Lam, Executive Vice President Pierre·Gisborne and repair Man, Chief Engineer, Lucas, and Athens imaginative watchmaker team, hand in hand to the brand by the verticalintegration jumped to a new level, Ulysse Nardin successfully positioned as a creative King.

Creative Fashio

Ulysse Nardin has won no less than 4,300 a number of championship awards, including 18 highly respected the world gold medal, at the same time to obtain the largest number of mechanical watches patent. Athens launched the InnoVision watch compelling by the Revolution magazine awarded the Honor Award of the “new technology”, InnoVision and the first time not only the use of silicon as a material, combined with 10 Innovation and Technology in a single watch, this extraordinary watch is right Kinks Freak Tuo a recognition of the flywheel. Freak Fantasy Tourbillon watch in Athens developed the most intelligent style, the first silicon material of the watch. Athens patented two-way into the silicon material escapement, Freak Fantasy Tourbillon success stage.

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