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A. Lange & Söhne

A. Lange & Söhne

Until World War II, Lange pocket watches for centuries has been one of the timer enviable....

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Ingredients Huang – French black truffle

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Pershing yachts new Pershing 82 ‘ this spring and upcoming releases

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Watch the award-winning Swiss Athens behind the scientific spirit

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Netherlands first ice hotel ice world of stunning

Netherlands first ice ho...

If you take a shower before going to bed, be sure to blow dry my hair, or the cold. ...

Limited edition whiskey-Pride and relax

Written by under Wine on April 27, 2012

It has gone beyond the concept of whiskey, a work of art, but also the witness of history, and concentrated. We have no reason not to respect whiskey has such a charm.

Nostalgia after often of today cherish, even if only to stay a short time period. I am no exception, found a bottom in the cellar to drink left Bowmore 18 years of whiskey. Immediately remove the last drop injected into the glass. Close to the golden liquid light tide and peat flavor on behalf classical flavor and creamy chocolate, oak smoked taste the full integration of the intoxicating, makes a myriad of thoughts! It has gone beyond the concept of whiskey, a work of art, but also the witness of history, and concentrated. We have no reason not to respect whiskey has such a charm.

Limited edition whiskey

England’s famous whiskey critic, with the same name as the rock star Michael Jackson has the whiskey charm comes down to personality and taste. Especially those dormant for half a century or so of whiskey in the cellar, after years of aging wine, such as human experience out of taste along with increasingly mellow and deep. But I think the charm of whiskey should be added to the human factor. Or those older vintages of whiskey, wine may have been deceased. Cellar outside the marshes, they adhere to, whether it is peat flavor or broom fragrance, or dark chocolate finish, along with the Brewers spirit passed on to his successor, on the other hand, these Geshi younger generation winemaker with other years, the wine ancestors exchange reconcile contemporary person loved treasures whiskey, think about already enough moved.

Before the array heard Scotland Glenfiddich distillery launched a 50-year single malt whiskey, the Global Offering in each of 50 bottles, presumably certain luxury it. I recalled a few side of the edge in Scotland “old friends” Peter Gordon, due to various reasons, and not the N-generation descendant of the Glenfiddich distillery to talk about deep, but there is a dialogue I memories, I asked his whiskey distilleries is the most important, the problem is perhaps too metaphysical, and his answer is the same paradox: “In our winery, people come and go freely, but they have been left in our winery work, Therefore, a harmonious atmosphere in our winery commercial conflict is relatively small, we do not require employees who must work for at least a period of pleasure and satisfaction when they work, and of the objectives pursued by the brand they are willing to stay here and I believe that this may not have a particularly high value for it, because this phenomenon is normal in Scotland 30 years ago and now is not how common ……

Limited edition whiskeyMacallan Fine & of Rare 1949

Macallan Fine & Rare 1949 (No.136 Cask & No.935 Cask)

1949 what happened? Driving “Fortunately, President II”, the U.S. Air Force Captain James Gallapher and his crew completed the first flight around the world. Arthur Mill work, “Death of a Salesman” won the Pulitzer Prize … the birth of our great motherland. McAllen 1949 Special Year “twin” products, which come from 136 barrels a because of its strong aroma and taste contrast, reflect the characteristics of the era of the “turning point”. While from 935 oak Macallan 1949 Special Year remarkable mild mellow.

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