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Pershing yachts new Pershing 82 ‘ this spring and upcoming releases

Pershing yachts new Pers...

In December 2011, Mondolfo--Pershing yachts (Pershing) has released a long anticipated new model: Bo star 82 '...

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Pershing yachts new Pershing 82 ‘ this spring and upcoming releases

In December 2011, Mondolfo–Pershing yachts (Pershing) has released a long anticipated new model: Bo star 82 ‘, she was Bo star 80 ‘ yacht contemporary interpretation of this successful predecessors. As part of the Ferretti Group, the world’s leading open yacht brands, Pershing yachts main production of 15 to 35 m high-performance open-powered yacht. Upon release of the ship, plans will be launched in spring of 2012, confirmed when the brand in the research and
development of large hull balance the challenges of sport performance and living space.

Pershing 82’

Bo star 82 ‘ by Bo XING personally wrote design yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, and with the Ferretti Group and Ferretti AYT advanced yacht Technology Center formed by Centro Stile design research and development centres to work together style, compared to its predecessor, she has a more dynamic and active external profile, more spacious-open side Windows for providing better lighting in the cabin.

Long superstructure has underlined the new attractive shape, and introduced the sun deck equipped with lifting bridge, boats look more slender and provide access to unprecedented heights, making it stand out.

Following star 74 Bo ‘ after a successful, Bo star 82 ‘ return to automatic escalators facilitate entering of sun deck hatches and carbon steel, this small machine is AYT Besenzoni and create a masterpiece. Escalator in electro-hydraulic automatic landing platform to stern well under control, and rose to disappear automatically when you close the hatch, space for flexible expansion the stern well.

Sun deck for a simple and practical: behind the lift bridge, there are two comfortable chairs right next to the driver’s seat, also placed an elegant Mini bar below. In order to perfect the sun deck layout, the latter part is equipped with collapsible backrest works independently of the sunbeds. For security reasons, have handrails on both sides and a guardrail on the sun deck, fully integrated with the aesthetics of the superstructure construction.

All other Pershing yachts in the world famous far and wide styles are reflected in the yacht: wall of large Windows, and Sharon Stern well hidden between the doors and Windows, as well as special system of vacuum system for FRP mould.

Bo star 82 ‘ 24.97 metres in length, with 4 comfortable cabins of maximum width of 5.5 m (midbody main cabin, ship bow VIP cabin and two cabins equipped with two single beds) as a standard, or choose a matching 3 cabins, plus the starboard room equipped with audio and Visual Entertainment, as well as two rooms with 3 beds for crew.

Usability and design combined with the sense of embodiment in the stern well platform, here is equipped with a sofa and a Chair, electric control transformed into a comfortable sunbathing area, a hull can be of the same color and mobile BBQ bar and glass dining table, which greatly facilitates social activity on the yacht. And like other models in the series, Bo star 82 ‘ yacht sun deck above the huge library of openings and completely independent, interfere with each other. Boat has a folding floor, can be easily connected on water motorcycles and boats in and out of. Designed by Besenzoni extends platform for icing on this comfortable facilities. Within the spacious Stern well also to crew area entrance.

Maximize the salon to flexible use of space, but there is no shortage of refined and elegant style. Right side of the entrance is a large corner sofa, there is a sofa and can be moved at the same time in the middle and Corner sofas sofa make up the Horseshoe. Salon sofa design inspired by light embossing frames, long-term cooperation and of great prestige by Poltrona Frau brand design. Interiors of all walls made up of fine-pore oak, while the floor by heitiemu veneer oak attached.

In the bow of the boat also has a comfortable sunbathing area on the sun deck, equipped with a small dining room and dining table, provide the owner with a completely private relaxing space.

Division of the lower deck with large yachts typical style, such as the kitchen and Salon are well separated, and also for protection of privacy of the guests and owners to consider, combination kitchen and crew areas. Kitchen is an l-shaped, completely separately from the bed area, equipped with a small dining room and a collapsible table, ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of life on a yacht. Crew area by the captain and the crew module, comprising a laundry room and a bathroom, can also be done from the kitchen into the crew area.

Standard bed area is made up of four nacelle, is a model of comfort and sense of design. Master room is pleasantly located yacht midbody installed large viewing window, reflects the new Pershing series for artistic pursuits. Graceful Windows line of transmission of light gently hits the Poltrona Frau leather furniture, more comfortable warmth.

Ship bow is a VIP guest cabin suite, equipped with a graceful Center bed and side 2 coats. 2 cabin layout is relatively traditional, are placed two single beds. All cabins were covered with carpets.

The ship used in the Pershing 74 ‘ yacht used wrap-style lighting system, distribution to invisible mold tube embedded LED lamps provide indirect lighting, enhanced scattering light sources of the same kind a halo effect, express a modern-style atmosphere. In addition, all internal stairs have a LED step light.

Apart from for yacht external structure and lower deck tailored build of innovation programme outside, new Bo star 82 ‘ yacht for guarantee sea best performance and installed has two Taiwan 2,345 horsepower (1792-kilowatt) of MTU 16V M93 strong connection motor, equipped with ZF of Searex SR140S surface propeller, guarantee has 45 section of maximum speed, 40 section of cruise speed and very high of comfortable of, also also has more than 300 more sea of standard mileage. ZF automatic trimming of the yacht into a high tech level. Under any speed, this is a system that can be automatically optimized to best level.

Pershing and Ferretti Group

Pershing yachts powered luxury yacht design is the world leader in the field of manufacture and sale of one of the members of the Ferretti Group brand. Group, which has eight of the international yachting industry’s leading brands: Ferretti Yachts, and Pershing, and Itama, and Bertram, and Riva, and Mochi Craft, and CRN and Custom Line. Group founder and Chairman Norberto Ferretti and under the leadership of Chief Executive Mr Giancarlo Galeone, constantly improve the quality of the Ferretti Group, technological innovation, design, technology details, best performance, and comfort top in all efforts to maintain industry leadership. AYT advanced yacht technology group-elite ship architects and professional engineers are responsible for group yacht design, research and development is to master the most advanced ship in the world and one of the design team, and with the Ferretti Group style design center Centro Stile cooperation, which is responsible for who specializes in Italy and the United States yacht style in a beautiful, functional and innovative solutions. Ferretti Group was founded in 1968, now with China headquarters in Shanghai, China, in the United States by Allied Marine company is responsible for the North American business, in Brazil there are branch companies and shipyards, with sales network in more than 80 countries in the world, more than more than 60 professional and conscientious dealers, for covering the world’s main Marina group of products with the best quality of service.

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